Slatwall Commerce for WordPress

Download & Get Started

Download the WordPress plugin

Install the WordPress plugin

  1. Download the Slatwall WordPress plugin from the github repository
  2. Select Plugins > Add New Plugin
  3. Upload the Slatwall zip file from the github repository
  4. Select Activate Plugin
  5. Select Slatwall tab in sidebar navigation
  6. Enter domain url and access keys we have provided

Add Storefront Pages

The Slatwall WordPress plugin includes frontend eCommerce templates conveniently displayed by shortcodes. The code controlling these shortcodes can be found in the plugin directory.

Create each new storefront page below and add its shortcode: Select Block > Widgets > Shortcode

Product Listing

  1. Create Product Listing page
  2. Add product listing shortcode: [product-listing]

Product Detail

  1. Create Product Detail page
  2. Add product detail shortcode: [product-detail]

Shopping Cart

  1. Create Shopping Cart page
  2. Add shopping cart shortcode: [shopping-cart]


  1. Create Checkout page
  2. Add checkout shortcode: [checkout]

My Account

  1. Create My Account page
  2. Add my account shortcode: [my-account]


Get Started

Ready to get going with Slatwall Commerce for WordPress? Sign up or contact us to learn more about the platform or talk with our developer support team.

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