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Your favorite CMS combined with a complete, enterprise-ready eCommerce platform. Total design freedom, amazing developer support, and no more hosting headaches.

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Slatwall Commerce for WordPress

Slatwall Commerce + WordPress

So you love WordPress but are running into issues integrating eCommerce? Slatwall Commerce is the eCommerce platform you’ve been looking for.

Most platforms can't deliver custom design flexibility with a full feature set and are difficult for developers to work with. Slatwall Commerce for WordPress lets you focus on launching a better storefront with complete functionality and support.

My current platform is missing key features

If you're trying to do more than the basics, most plugins are going to fall short of what you need. Shipping, promotions, product setup, subscriptions - the only option is to install plugin after plugin.

Slatwall Commerce is a fully-featured eCommerce platform.

No hacks, workarounds, or compromises required. The entire eCommerce lifecycle - from products and promotions, to order management and fulfillment.

How Slatwall compares

Out-of-the-box design limitations

Either you're using a limited plugin or a hosted eCommerce platform that doesn't give you any control over the look and feel of your site. It's frustrating.

Create the exact design, templates, and layout you want.

Slatwall is a headless platform, the front end experience is up to you! To help you get started, we have a starter template set available.

Building with Slatwall

Too many hosting headaches

Managing the hosting infrastructure for an eCommerce site is a big investment. Downtime isn't an option. And if you're using an insecure eCommerce platform, you're risking everything and wasting time worrying about hacks and site security.

Slatwall is a hosted platform

Unlike those other hosted platforms - you have complete design and template flexibility. Our secure hosting environment is PCI compliant. We monitor and do all the security updates for you. And the platform? We keep that updated too.

Slatwall As A Service

Costs are out of control

Overpaying for old-school eCommerce platforms that aren't integration-friendly, are difficult to work with, and bury you with fees and extra costs doesn't sound like a great idea for your business.

A complete eCommerce platform that isn't priced like one!

Zero licensing or platform fees. You're only paying for the Slatwall SaaS service. And you don't have to pay for servers you aren't using.

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It's Time To Level Up.

Get a fully featured eCommerce platform with all the flexibility you need.

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How Slatwall & WordPress Work Together


Slatwall for WordPress FAQs

Ready to learn more about how Slatwall and WordPress integrate? We put together a breakdown of questions that we hear from WordPress developers about getting set up with Slatwall Commerce.

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CMS with gears

Headless Commerce for Wordpress

Slatwall Commerce’s headless capabilities give web teams the ability to build complete eCommerce storefronts within the WordPress environment.

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Starter Pack

Get Our Plugin & Starter Pack!

The Slatwall Commerce for WordPress plugin will connect your WordPress installation with Slatwall via our API. The plugin will also install our starter templates to get you up and running quickly.

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More Ways That Slatwall Commerce Works

Using Slatwall Commerce to power your eCommerce storefronts solves the issues you're experiencing integrating eCommerce and WordPress.


Pay Only For What You Use

Zero licensing or platform fees. You're only paying for the Slatwall SaaS service. And you don't have to pay for servers you aren't using.

Slatwall Commerce Pricing

Sell Everything

All Types of Products

No matter what your business, easily sell unique product types and manage your entire product catalog with Slatwall’s robust product management capabilities.

Slatwall Commerce Features

Future Proof

Modern eCommerce Today & Tomorrow

Empower your business to sell exactly how it needs to. Meet and exceed your customers’ rapidly changing expectations.

Headless Commerce Capabilities

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