Changes from 2.x to 3.0+

Frontend Display Changes

The release of version 3.0 drastically changes the way that Slatwall interacts with Mura.  Probably the most significant change is the way in which the Slatwall frontend views are displayed.

In 3.0 we have removed the usage of display objects all together, and all of the old fronted views that were driven by the "frontend" public facing subsystem API through display objects.  Now there are a much smaller collection of example templates that get copied into you theme's '/templates' folder.  When we create the default slatwall pages in Mura, we also assign them to use these new templates and you should be good to go.

Previously Slatwall would check the filename of the content node being rendered and automatically 'Inject' the display object to the end of that content node's body.  As you can imagine this creates some limitation because you can only have 1 display object for product listing, or a product details

Backward Compatibility

We recognize that the change above will create major issues for sites that are in production, and have already spent a ton of time customizing the legacy display objects. Because we want to keep as much backward compatibility as possible, there is a setting in the Mura integration 'Inject Legacy Views' that wil preform the default behavior that was there previously.

Best Practice: We will be supporting the legacy mura 'frontend' subsystem for as long as we can, but we strongly recommend transitioning your site to use the new views, and the new 'public' subsystem that is designed to also work with applications outside of Mura.