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    Slatwall SDK (Q2 - 2021)

    With the new SDK it gets even easier to work with Slatwall Commerce to build out the exact headless commerce front end experience you want.
  • 2 In Progress

    New Integration: Nexio (Q2 - 2021)

    Slatwall now integrates with Nexio, an all-inclusive Payments as a Platform (PAAS) Solution that allows your business to scale. Nexio enables integrated payment solutions to be deployed in domestic and international markets. To learn more, visit Nexio’s website.
  • 3 In Progress

    Promotion Updates (Q2 - 2021)

    New updates to the set up of promotions are giving marketers and eCommerce teams more control over the promotion rewards and qualifiers that they can set up. As a result of the new promotion building tools, users are now going to be able to create more specific and targeted promotions and do so faster than ever before.
  • 4 In Progress

    Comprehensive Multi-Lingual Support (Q2 - 2021)

    More and more businesses see eCommerce opportunities outside of their home countries or are looking to reach non-native speaking customers, but the task of building their eCommerce presence is daunting. Our built-in functionality makes those country-specific requirements easier to set up and manage.
  • 5 In Progress

    Refer-A-Friend (Q2 - 2021)

    A set of enhancements to the existing loyalty functionality built into accounts. With the new features, you can reward your customers for referring other customers to your store. The referral bonuses work in conjunction with the existing purchased based rewards. The Refer-A-Friend setup is linked to “Promotions” within Slatwall giving administrators the opportunity to link both points and promotion rewards to referral actions.
  • 6 In Progress

    Wish List (Q2 - 2021)

    When shopping, customers will now be able to save product favorites/wishlist items against their carts. All lists are visible from the backend to allow customer service reps to help or provide guidance on purchases. The initial release of wishlists includes link sharing and the creation of multiple “lists” of items.
  • 7 In Progress

    Scheduled Orders (Q2 - 2021)

    Adding core functionality to allow marketing teams to create subscriptions products that will include an ongoing fulfillment requirement. With the growth of the subscription delivery business model, Slatwall will now be able to support those businesses out of the box.
  • 8 In Progress

    Elastic Search (Q2 - 2021)

    Search is such an important piece of any eCommerce experience and the upcoming Elastic Search updates will improve both the speed and quality of the results for online shoppers.
  • 9 In Progress

    Importer (Q2 - 2021)

    We're making one of the biggest challenges of launching any eCommerce project easier. Data import and sync is always a huge chore with the update import and sync tools as part of the Slatwall Commerce core, business teams will be able to have more control over the data coming into their Slatwall systems. 
  • 10 In Progress

    Updated Front End Templates (Q2 - 2021)

    The core front end templates needed an overhaul. In addition, to an array of new templates, the updates include a new core update to the latest Bootstrap Framework and new client-side functionality. In addition to including more functionality, the new templates are simplified making them easier to customize and theme.
  • 11 Planning

    Marketing Automation (Q3 - 2021)

    Slatwall added marketing workflows in 2017 which included a suite of tools and triggers to dynamically deliver email and data updates across the platform. The new marketing automation tools expand on that initial feature-set and allow marketers to do more complicated automation and saved marketing campaigns.

Recent Updates

March 2021

API Enhancements

As part of our ongoing efforts to make Slatwall Commerce as easy to use as possible, more enhancements have just been added to our API endpoints. 

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October 2020

Reporting Dashboard

Visualize everything with your storefronts. Now you can create custom reports and charts based on your unique datasets. Easy to create with no SQL or coding required.

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The new Slatwall Commerce for WordPress plugin easily and effectively creates an enterprise, headless commerce solution with a complete feature set and is secure, scalable, and fully supported.

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Slatwall isn’t an “accounting” system or platform - it doesn’t try to be. However, there are users who leverage a number of features and functionality in Slatwall to track expenses and want to gain an understanding of the costs around their eCommerce businesses.

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During any demo of Slatwall to a new user, one of the first concepts we introduce is the power and utility of Collections. Given that users can apply filters and customize the data columns in their collections and that Collections make up the core of the Slatwall backend system, we’re constantly looking for opportunities to make Collections more useful. As a result, we’ve built out new core functionality which allows users to create, save, sort and share personal data collections.

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September 2018

Pick, Pack, Ship

“Pick, Pack, Ship” is a major UI enhancement to streamline the fulfillment process within Slatwall. Pick-pack-ship will enable a searchable list of all orders awaiting fulfillment (search by location, brand, shipping method, etc). The user can then create batches of orders based on selected criteria, enter the batch detail screen, create pick lists and generate tracking numbers.

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We like to say that the best eCommerce platform is what you need it to be. Regardless of how or where you sell, your platform needs to be able to support that business. For a number of Slatwall users, selling both online and in-store using unique selling experiences represents a significant portion of their business. In addition to the sales channel, there is a requirement to connect all sales channels to a single commerce platform - orders, products, accounts and more can all be shared between them.

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For any eCommerce business, the less sexy back-office functions and tools built around inventory and product management may provide as much lift to a business as those focused on marketing and sales. These inventory management updates were focused on improving the accuracy and efficiency of those organizations who conduct frequent counts of inventory and provide more insight into how individual products are selling.

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