Version 6.0 - Official Release

Our team is excited to announce the release of Slatwall Commerce 6.0! The latest version introduces new key features and functionality to support marketers, developers and business teams in their efforts to build and launch modern storefronts. Many of the new features are focused on creating innovative customer experiences. 

Here’s a summary of what’s new:

Enhanced subscription selling capabilities

  • Scheduled orders - Create and sell scheduled order products directly from your storefront or give customers the option to subscribe to any product on your site for ongoing delivery
  • Recurring deliveries - any product in your storefront can now be purchased as part of a recurring delivery on its own or part of a subscription package
  • Subscription deliveries are connected to customer accounts and utilize address books and saved billing profiles for a seamless customer experience
  • Each subscription delivery has a unique order number, tracking information, and syncs against the inventory system for easy management

Promotion engine

  • More control and flexibility over promotional offer creation and setup
  • Integration into the data collections functionality within Slatwall Commerce
  • New promotional priority settings
  • New promotional messaging


  • Customers and sales representatives can create lists of saved products in account profiles
  • Customer wishlists and individual items are accessible through the Slatwall Commerce dashboard
  • Allows sales representatives to make knowledgeable product recommendations based on customer wishlist items

Refer a friend

  • New features to reward your customers for referring other customers to your store
  • Referral bonuses work in conjunction with the existing purchased based rewards
  • Refer-A-Friend setup is linked to “Promotions” within Slatwall giving administrators the opportunity to link both points and promotion rewards to referral actions

Data Import Toolset

  • New toolset eliminates the need to write SQL to update your storefront. There are no limits to the access you have to your eCommerce dataset.
  • Map your dataset and migration once and use it as often as needed. Frequent tasks like bulk pricing changes, categorization updates, account data updates are all available.

Slatwall Commerce SDK

  • Easily connect to our full-coverage API to build headless commerce storefronts
  • Use the SDK for the entire storefront experience - product listing, search, checkout, and customer account management

Multi Language Support

  • Allows you to create unique product content and other types of copy each, each with its own unique location and language version
  • Languages can be shared across multiple sites 
  • Define the copy once and use it on multiple storefronts each with its own catalogs and configurations

Address Validation

  • Dynamically check for invalid address entry
  • Multi service support allows you to set up and configure address validation through either the USPS or Avalara

New Integrations

  • Braintree - Payment Management Solutions
  • Nexio - Payment Management Solutions

For a complete, detailed description of the new features included in this release, be sure to check out our recent article. Also, visit our product roadmap to stay in the loop on upcoming features and version releases.

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