The critical importance of quantitative data to make informed decisions and improve outcomes by clinicians, researchers, and medical device developers is what inspired the creation of Transonic Systems, Inc. back in 1983. The company was founded by Cornelius J. Drost, during his time as a research associate in the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, after realizing a need for improved measurement tools in the market of animal studies. Drost’s first patented technology, specifically an innovative bloodflow measurement device, was brought outside of Cornell and into the labs of many other life science researchers.

More than 3 decades later, Transonic is now a pioneer in the life science research arena and its name has become synonymous with gold standard diagnostic and research measurement tools.

Of course, with the impact of the company’s first technology came significant growth. And with the growth of the company came a larger number of products serving a diverse range of applications.

The Situation

With over 1,000 products and a digital library housing over 4,000 publications and hundreds of applications, surgical and technical notes, Transonic was having difficulty managing this information in a website whose structure did not have the capability of managing the information efficiently.

Transonic Systems Inc. approached ten24 in search of a centralized solution to organize their products and develop a site that was consistent with their updated brand identity. Their existing site was homegrown and managed through a limited, closed source content management system.

The Solution

The first step in the process was an in-depth Engineering with the Transonic team, with particular focus on the following:

  • Audit of exisiting content organization
  • Review of analytics data
  • Creation of user profiles
  • Comparison with existing competitor websites

The results of the Engineering process was a detail prototype of each page template on the site, with focus on site architecture and navigation.

To help reorganize product information, resources and documents into a single categorized and searchable structure, ten24 created a new site architecture. The navigation was focused on getting the user to product and technical information more quickly.

In addition, thousands of technical documents were incorporated into a single searchable database while merging documents from external resources. Our team worked closely with Transonic to refine, categorize and organize their site structure by including the launch of an updated secure portal portion product and corporate data.


  • The site design matches Transonic’s new corporate identity and branding, and is built
    responsively for an optimized mobile experience. The CMS is extremely SEO friendly and has increased traffic as a result of building an organic search traffic.
  • A digital library holds over 4,000 publications, with an advanced search so users can find
    pertinent information quickly.
  • A password protected Partner Portal gives their global sales team secure access to Product Brochures, Manuals and other critical content. Material Our team is in the last stages of the Japanese version of their main site.
  • All of the site content, including a Chinese and a Japanese version of the site, is now easily managed in the CMS, including over 5,000 pages and 900 files.

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