Sheplers Western Wear

The Sheplers marketing team is driven by data, they don't make a move unless there is some analytics to back them up. In 2013 the Sheplers marketing team identified opportunities in the marketplace for the company to capture additional market share online through specific vertical channels.

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Simplify Your Thinking Around Commerce

There are TONS of buzzwords in the eCommerce space. Everything you read practically has its own language.  All of that noise can feel unbelievably overwhelming so let's get back to basics and try to simplify your thinking so that you can stay focused on what's important.

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Top eCommerce Trends for 2015

Shopping online has become easier than ever. From buying a new television to ordering organic groceries, eCommerce has simplified the buying process for consumers worldwide.

Now with 2015 under way, we are expecting an even better year for eCommerce. Here are the top trends we’re forecasting to occur.

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Why Web Developers Get in Over Their Head with eCommerce

Often times we come across an eCommerce site that just isn't performing how anyone expected.  Resolving issues, and moving the business forward just isn't happening.  This story is so common we come across it almost every day... ever wonder why?

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5 Benefits of Using an Open Source eCommerce Platform

In today’s tech-savvy world, more and more consumers are shopping online. They can buy from their PCs, laptops, tablets and even smartphones! With the multitude of online shopping channels available, it is no surprise that companies are being pressured more than ever to venture into eCommerce. But what if your budget doesn’t allot for new software? Or what if your legacy solutions aren’t flexible enough to meet your new business requirements? Don’t panic; download an open-source eCommerce platform.
What does open-source mean?

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Version 3.1 - Official Release

The launch of 3.1 includes the release of the brand new Slatwall reporting frameworking. As a result of the launch, Slatwall administrators can create ad-hoc reports and graphs for orders, revenue, product and promotion popularity and much more. The Slatwall team and community have big plans for additional functionality and usability upgrades for the reporting framework.

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