How does Slatwall Commerce secure my storefront?

PCI Compliance

Security isn’t easy and the security threats never end. Security means constantly reviewing, auditing, and monitoring for new threats and vulnerabilities. The Slatwall Commerce hosting infrastructure is continuously reviewed and updated to ensure that it meets the PCI certification standard and guidelines.

PCI compliance means that we rigorously monitor and follow the guidelines to ensure that Slatwall Commerce is locked down and securely protects our clients’ data.

Beyond the hosting environment, being PCI compliant ensures that proper security measures are taken throughout the entire company - secured offices, coding practices, and much more.

Single Tenant

Our SaaS service offering of Slatwall Commerce is a single-tenant infrastructure. Single tenant means your business is the only one running on its server - the resources and power are dedicated to your business. Unlike with multi-tenant platforms, if another business has a traffic spike or causes a slowdown, you aren’t affected.

Traditionally, single tenant providers are more expensive and harder to maintain which isn’t the case with Slatwall Commerce. Our completely cloud-based infrastructure is efficient to grow, scale and resource which ensures you’re only paying for usage - not for inactive servers gathering dust. Platform software upgrade paths allow for your infrastructure to be kept up to date with a low monthly infrastructure and scaling cost.

Upgrade Friendly

Old software makes for an easy target. The best way to avoid vulnerabilities is to maintain your software and keep it updated. In the past, this meant a big time and money investment.

Included in the Slatwall Commerce SaaS offering are platform software upgrades which can be scheduled through your account manager. We encourage your company to actively work with your account team to incorporate these upgrades into your plan.

The upgrades are rigorously tested and reviewed as part of our code review process. No code or upgrades are released without review, testing, and signoff from all parties.

PA-DSS Validated

Slatwall Commerce is a validated PA-DSS product which means that it has passed the global security standard as developed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. PA-DSS applies to products that handle payment information, specifically credit cards, and serves as a notice that the software product meets the standards of the agency.

Combined with PCI certification, you can rest assured that your business is running in a protected environment that is regularly audited and reviewed on a secure commerce platform product.

Permissions & Groups

Having an open API based eCommerce solution would seem to be a challenge in terms of locking down access to data. Slatwall Commerce features a role-based permission system that ensures only managers can create the exact data permissions they need, correctly limiting and controlling access to the system.

Not only can administrators control which users have access to certain data, but they can also control what level of permission they have - view, edit, delete and more are all highly controlled and customized within each Slatwall Commerce environment.

The data control and permissions system extends to remote access and services that connect and integrate with a Slatwall Commerce system. You can be sure that when you allow unrelated services into your environment - you have the power to control exactly what’s going on.

Secure SaaS Infrastructure

Whether it’s solid business growth overtime or an occasional traffic spike, your web infrastructure needs to be ready to handle any level of business.

Our infrastructure is built to scale with capacity that can be brought online in seconds to handle sudden traffic spikes without human intervention. In addition to running web servers efficiently, the infrastructure is able to automatically optimize any slowness (auto-healing), spread traffic across various geographic regions, and balance users across multiple services.

As part of the audit and review process, the entire Slatwall Commerce infrastructure is reviewed and analyzed by an independent 3rd party. Both the infrastructure, code, and core platform are included in the audit to ensure that the entire ecosystem is securely maintained.

Complete Version & Audit History

While you may have numerous users logging into your eCommerce platform who are performing all the tasks that make your business run, keeping tabs on what’s changed and who’s making those changes is a challenge.

As part of meeting the guidelines for PCI compliance, Slatwall Commerce maintains a complete audit log of changes and updates made to data. Not only is it critical for you to know who is making changes, but there are practical daily reasons for why the audit is so important.

The audit provides a history of data change, so you can keep track of things like when a price was changed, a promotion was deactivated, or a piece of content was launched. The audit provides these insights and gives store administrators and managers the ability to review version history easily.

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