WordPress & Headless Commerce: Build & Design Amazing eCommerce Storefronts

If you’re like most WordPress developers, you’re looking for a versatile and fully-featured eCommerce platform solution with the flexibility to design the front end that you want. Whether you’re building from scratch, replacing an existing design, or migrating to a new platform, the theming process can be challenging and time-intensive. 

Implementing a headless commerce platform can solve those challenges and removes all the traditional restrictions around building and designing for eCommerce.

What's Inside:

What is Headless Commerce and Why Consider It?

Given the flexibility and power of WordPress as a CMS platform, developers have increasingly added eCommerce as another type of plugin to allow all types of businesses to create storefronts. 

Over time, as those storefronts expand, add complexities, and experience rapidly changing needs and requirements, the plugin-based eCommerce structure begins to hold back the rapid growth of the digital commerce storefront. 

So, where do you go from here? The answer hasn't always been clear, but there is an option that offers freedom in storefront and creative design, delivers optimal site speed, and allows you to sell exactly how you want. It's called headless commerce. 

What a Headless Connection Looks Like

With a headless commerce platform, you’re running two separate platforms for eCommerce and content (WordPress) and using a built-in integration to connect them. The separation allows each platform to operate independently without affecting the other. While it might sound like two things to manage instead of a single integrated platform, it offers several benefits that you can’t get with plugins or existing eCommerce connections. 

Headless Migration Process and Costs

A headless commerce migration is unique and the process will be different than other eCommerce implementations you or your team may have been a part of. Our guide reviews all of the important details and costs to consider in your migration plan. 

Challenges Around Headless Implementation

With a headless commerce implementation for WordPress, you’ll need to account for several pitfalls to keep things moving as they should. We've also included a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to help you in your journey. 

How to Get Started

Headless commerce and the WordPress CMS share the benefits of being flexible, user-friendly, and highly functional for your marketing goals. Getting started with headless commerce for WordPress is easier than ever, provided you plan ahead and have the right headless integration partner in your corner.