Our team is excited to announce the release of Slatwall Commerce v6, which introduces some highly anticipated new key features and functionality. To continue providing tools and services for marketing, business, and development teams to easily build and launch modern storefronts, the latest version of Slatwall Commerce includes new and enhanced features that support the creation of cutting-edge user experiences.  

We’re eager to show you what the latest release has to offer, so let’s dive right into a summary of what’s new: 

Scheduled Orders / Recurring Deliveries

It’s the product type that everyone wants but is a challenge to implement. Scheduled order products can be created and sold through the storefront, or give customers the option to subscribe to any product for ongoing delivery. Each of the subscription deliveries is connected to a customer account and utilizes their address book and saved billing profile for a seamless customer experience. Automatically apply promotional items, coupon codes and combine them with complex selling properties for an advanced selling configuration for any scheduled order.

Slatwall Scheduled Orders

The all-in-one subscription commerce feature set in Slatwall Commerce includes subscription product management, billing, and customer service management tools as part of the core. All subscription types including digital subscriptions, memberships, and recurring deliveries are available in the core platform. Learn more about Slatwall’s subscription features and capabilities here

Promotion Engine

More control over promotional offers and setup? Now available. Our promotion engine has been integrated into the data collections functionality within Slatwall Commerce. What does that mean? It means that marketing teams can create specific promotional criteria for rewards and qualifications based on the entire database within Slatwall. For example, want to offer a reward to anyone shipping to Topeka, Kansas only? Easy. Want to extend that promotion to anyone shipping to Kansas with at least 1 order whose name is also Bob? Sure thing. Users can now create more specific and targeted promotions and do so faster than ever before. 

Of course, what happens when multiple promotions are running at the same time? How does that all get balanced? With our new promotional priority settings, the marketing team can determine which offers should take priority over others. 

Finally, how do you message promotional offers without writing code or monkeying around with the checkout process? New promotional messaging gives the flexibility to display dynamic status messages - think “You’re $50 away from our Summer 2021 offer”. 

The new updates give more flexible promotion options, more control to the marketing team, and create opportunities to build a better promotional experience on the front end. 


Customers and sales representatives can now create lists of “saved” products as part of their account profiles. Whether on a product listing page or shopping directly for a product, customers can add to and manage lists of their favorite items. In addition to access through the storefront, customer wish lists and items are accessible through the Slatwall Commerce dashboard as well. 

For sales teams, customer service, and business associates, access to customers' saved items means they can make knowledgeable product recommendations directly from the customer's account in the Slatwall administration area. 

With the headless capabilities of Slatwall Commerce, implementing saved product lists is flexible and designed to fit into the unique storefront with a custom design and look.

Data Import Toolset

Data - you can love it and hate it at the same time. Data management tasks are always a chore. Who really wants to write SQL to get your product catalog updated? Or accounts imported? If a platform has a toolset for managing the import process, it’s probably limited or doesn’t give access to the entire eCommerce dataset for running updates.

With the new data importing toolset, migrating storefronts to Slatwall Commerce is now faster and more accessible to all developers. The toolset also makes bulk data updates available to the entire team. Map your dataset and migration just once and use it as often as needed. Frequent tasks like bulk pricing changes, categorization updates, account data updates are all available.

Slatwall Commerce SDK

If you’re ready to get started with a new storefront powered by Slatwall Commerce, our new JavaScript SDK will get you there faster. The new SDK makes it easier to work with and connect to our full-coverage API to build headless commerce storefronts. 

Grab a copy of the SDK on Github or via NPM and connect it to your Slatwall Commerce implementation. 

For developer partners, we’ve created a React-based storefront starter kit and template that makes it easy to get up and running on the frontend with Slatwall Commerce - all powered by our new SDK.

Multi Language Support

Getting multi-language, multi-country storefronts running is a difficult task in itself for most organizations. Then the realization hits that you’re going to have to manage product information and other data for multiple languages. And, as much as you might like Google Translate probably isn’t going to get you there. 

Now it’s easier to create unique product content (descriptions, titles, and custom fields) and other types of copy each with its own unique location and language version. Languages can be shared across multiple sites. Define the copy a single time and use that copy on multiple storefronts each with its own catalogs and configurations.

Address Validation

Improve customer service, reduce shipping costs and eliminate waste by dynamically checking for invalid address entry. With multi-service support, you can choose to set up and configure address validation through either the USPS or Avalara. 

Integrations: Braintree & Nexio

Slatwall Commerce now includes out-of-the-box integrations with Nexio and Braintree. As with any payment integration options, store managers can activate a new payment integration by marking it “Active” within the Slatwall administrator. Each payment integration method may be utilized by different sites and channels.

What’s Coming Next?

We’re not taking a break after this latest release of Slatwall Commerce. Check out our product roadmap to see our exciting plans and where we’re headed next.

Stay tuned for highlight posts that will explore these improvements and new Slatwall Commerce features and functionality in greater detail.