Slatwall Commerce + WordPress

Keep WordPress. Upgrade the Commerce.

Seamlessly combine WordPress with a complete, enterprise-ready headless commerce platform. Get a better online storefront with true commerce features, design freedom, blazing store speed, and amazing developer support.

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Slatwall Commerce + WordPress

Slatwall Commerce + WordPress

So you love WordPress but are running into issues integrating eCommerce? Slatwall Commerce is the eCommerce platform you’ve been looking for.

Most platforms can't deliver custom design flexibility with a full feature set and are difficult for developers to work with. Slatwall Commerce for WordPress lets you focus on launching a better storefront with complete functionality and support.

Slatwall + WordPress

Why Slatwall Commerce?

Slatwall Commerce is a fully-featured commerce platform.

If you're trying to do more than the basics, the only option is to install plugin after plugin. For more advanced features like promotions, shipping management, subscriptions or multi-store, most plugins are going to fall short of what you need resulting in long-term issues that only end up hindering your growth. Slatwall Commerce is complete commerce ready to go out of the box, with all of the selling, marketing, management, reporting and fulfillment tools you need for success.

Slatwall Commerce is faster.

Don't let checkout, shopping cart, product searches and other eCommerce operations affect the uptime and speed of your site. Slatwall Commerce enables your business to integrate modern commerce without sacrificing scalability and page load speeds. Free up resources and manage commerce functions on the back end so you’re putting fewer demands on WordPress and improving speed, performance and optimizations.

Slatwall Commerce Reduces Plugin Waste.

If your storefront is a tower of patches, apps, and plugins ready to topple, it’s time for something better. Slatwall Commerce provides the complete commerce lifecycle from products and promotions, to order management and fulfillment, as a modular, headless solution. Spend more time tailoring your frontend customer experience on WordPress with Slatwall Commerce giving you the control to streamline your commerce operations and manage everything from one place on the backend.

More Ways That Slatwall Commerce Works

Using Slatwall Commerce to power your eCommerce storefronts solves the issues you're experiencing integrating eCommerce and WordPress.


Pay Only For What You Use

Zero licensing or platform fees. You're only paying for the Slatwall SaaS service. And you don't have to pay for servers you aren't using.

Slatwall Commerce Pricing

Sell Everything

All Types of Products

No matter what your business, easily sell unique product types and manage your entire product catalog with Slatwall’s robust product management capabilities.

Slatwall Commerce Features

Modern eCommerce

Future Proof Your Business

Meet and exceed your customers’ rapidly changing expectations. Empower your business to sell exactly how it needs to with a complete headless commerce platform.

Headless Commerce Capabilities