Flexibility By Design

Slatwall is built from the ground up for maximum flexibility, because responding to new opportunities requires you to adapt quickly.


How can Slatwall help you?

The Slatwall platform allows you to execute new initiatives while integrating seamlessly with supporting technology, paving the way for growth.

Connect & Grow

Slatwall is the commerce platform you will never outgrow. Designed from the ground up for maximum flexibility, Slatwall enables you to execute marketing strategies that will allow you to capitalize on emerging opportunities. And as you continue to grow, Slatwall excels at integrating with other systems so you can keep your options open.

Enable New Opportunities

Maintaining tight data integration with your core business systems is often key to the success of organizations running at scale. Slatwall can be surgically inserted into your existing stack to maintain a seamless integration of your data and provide your marketing team with the flexibility they need for success.

(Screenshot: Sheplers vertical marketing)

Secure Your Future

Slatwall gives you the flexibility to upgrade your existing platform while maintaining the custom features and experiences that make your brand stand out. In the past, achieving this competitive advantage required you to build software from scratch, but today you can leverage Slatwall and enjoy the stability of a well-supported platform.

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