Tasks are automated actions associated with the site (such as sending out renewal notices or newsletters) which can be set on a schedule and run without requiring personnel oversight. Access the Task Listing by choosing "Tasks" from the Settings Manager. You will see a list of every task on the site and whether it is currently running.

Clicking + Add Task brings up the Create Task screen:

Task Name. Name your task in a way that indicates what it does.

Task Method. URL, Renew Subscription Usage, and Subscription Renewal Reminder. 

Task URL. The address at which the task's directions are located.

Active (Yes/No). Determine whether this task is available in the backend.

Running (Yes/No). Determine whether this task is currently running.


Saving will bring you to the task page, on which you can edit all the aforementioned details of the task as well as add schedules to the task and view the history of previous iterations.

Clicking the + Add Task Schedule button brings up the Create Task Schedule box:

Choose a Schedule from the drop-down menu (for more information on creating schedules, view the Schedules section of the guide), a Start and End Date (and, if applicable, time), and addresses for Success and Failure Emails.

Saving will generate a task schedule entry, which lists the start and end dates, the schedule on which the task runs, and the next date on which the task will run as dictated by the terms of the schedule.