Subscription Terms

There are two components to a subscription product: Term (how long the subscription lasts), and Benefits (what your subscription actually gets you). New subscription products are assigned both, so before creating a subscription product it's necessary to create at least one Term and one Benefits list.

Fortunately, both terms and benefits can be found in the Products dropdown menu.

Creating a New Subscription Term

  • Click Products on the Slatwall toolbar.
  • Select Subscription Terms from the dropdown.

The Subscription Term Listing screen will display.

Click the  to bring up the Create Subscription Term screen. 

After entering your subscription term name (typically, a length of time, such as "annual" or "6 months"), choose the appropriate terms from the drop-down menus.

Initial Term the length of subscription that first-time subscribers will receive
Renewal Term the length of subsequent subscriptions after the first.
Grace Period Term the amount of time a subscriber has between the end of their term and the termination of their subscription (and is therefore usually only applicable if auto renew is disabled).

Auto Renew determines whether subscriptions are automatically renewed when they expire or subscribers have to manually opt-in to renewal.

Auto Pay determines whether the subscriber is charged automatically upon renewal or whether they will pay later (usually via invoice). While Auto Renew may be active without Auto Pay, the reverse is never true. 

Once you have set these fields, click Save. There will now be an additional accordion called Subscription Usage Settings below the basic fields.

Subscription Usage Settings

Auto Retry After Days refers to Auto Pay, and is thus to be left blank of Auto Pay is set to no. If Auto Pay is active, this setting dictates how long the system should wait to attempt a second charge if the first charge fails.

Renewal Reminder Days determines how many days prior to subscription expiration a renewal reminder notice is sent to the subscriber. For example, a value of 7 will tell the system to send a reminder one week prior to expiration. Multiple reminder days can be set by including a comma between values (for example: 30, 14, 7 would send a reminder a month, two weeks, and one week prior to expiration unless the subscriber took action).

Subscription Renewal Email Template determines the email template that will be used for the renewal reminder.