Products Overview

The Products manager section of the site is where products are managed. This listing page is where you can add new or edit existing merchandise, product bundles, subscription, event, content access, and gift card products.

To navigate to the Product listing page click on Products from the Slatwall navigation toolbar and then from the drop-down, select Products. The product listing page will display and it lists all products regardless of product type that have been created.

From here you can view  or edit an existing product or a new product.

If you would like to view more or all products on the listing page, click the Show button and you will have option to change the number of products that display.

You also have the ability to sort the products by Product Type Name, Brand, Product Name, Product Code, Price, determine at a glance whether the product is Active and Published and see the QATS.

NOTE: Before creating your product, it is helpful to have other items defined first:

If Bundle Product: The products that you would like to include in the bundle and the Brand, if any, associated with the product.

If Content Access Product: The content you would like to link this product to (i.e. the content someone is purchasing access to).

If Event Product: The Locations and configurations defined for your event.

If Gift Card Product: The expiration terms defined in the Terms section of Slatwall. (Laws vary depending on the location as to allowed expiration terms, so take care when putting an expiration date on a gift card).

If Merchandise Product:  The option groups and options (size, color, etc.), product type sub-type if any (shirt, short), and brand (if applicable) defined for the merchandise product.

If Subscription Product: The subscription benefits (what you get from purchasing this subscription), subscription terms (how long the subscription lasts), and renewal subscription benefit (what someone gets when they re-subscribe) defined for your product.

These items can also be added/modified at a later time.



Product Inventory Overview

Slatwall gives administrators the ability to track inventory of individual SKUs. This feature includes inventory that is scheduled to arrive through vendors, inventory on hand, and inventory available to sell. To activate the inventory management feature of Slatwall:

  • Select Settings from the Config drop-down on the Slatwall navigation toolbar.

  • Expand the Sku Settings accordion.

Below is a screenshot of the Sku accordion of Settings. By default, unlike this screenshot, Track Inventory is defaulted to display No.

  • Click the pencil icon to the right of Track Inventory.


    The Track Inventory modal will appear, shown in screenshot below.

    • Select Yes on the Track Inventory modal.
    • Click Save to save the changes.

    To see the effect on Slatwall:

    • Navigate to the Product Listing page by clicking Products from the Slatwall toolbar and then selecting Products from the drop-down menu. The Product Listing screen will appear.
    • Click the pencil icon to the right of the desired product.
    • Click on the Skus accordion to expand it.
    • Click on View icon to the right of a Sku.

    The Sku detail screen will display.

    • Expand the Inventory accordion.


    •  There should be several columns displayed, broken down by location.
      1. QOH: Quantity On Hand
      2. QOSH: Quantity On Stock Hold
      3. QNDORVO: Not Delivered On Order
      4. QNDOSA: Not Delivered On Stock Assignment
      5. QNRORO:Not Received On Return Order
      6. QNROVO: Not Received On Vendor Order
      7. QNROSA: Not Received On Stock Adjustment
      8. QC: Quantity Commited
      9. QE: Quantity Expected
      10. QATS: Quantity Available To Sell
      11. QIATS: Quantity Immediately Available To Sell


    • To see a more detailed list of inventory metrics, click on any of the numbers listed below the column headings. For a more in-depth definition list of these items, please refer to the Inventory Definitions Reference Guide.
    • To add inventory to these statistics, please consult the Stock Adjustments (if you already have inventory on hand) and Vendor Manager (if your inventory will be delivered by a vendor) sections of this guide.

    You can also see view Inventory information for products by navigating to the Stocks listing screen.

    • Select Warehouse from the Slatwall toolbar
    • Click on Stocks from the drop-down.

    The Stocks Listing screen will display.

    • Click on the View icon to the right of the desired Sku.
    • Click on the Inventory accordion to view more detailed inventory information.

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