Gift Card Product

Gift cards are prepaid cards that are given as gift to recipient and can be used to purchase goods or services up to face value of the card.

To create a Gift Card product:

  • Click on Products on Slatwall toolbar.
  • Select Products from the drop-down.

The Product listing screen will appear.

  • Click the button.
  • Select Gift Card Product from the drop-down.

The Create Product screen will appear.

  • Select the Product Type, if no Gift Card sub types have been created, Gift Card will be the default product type.
  • Fill in the Product Name, Product Code and Price fields.
  • Select the Expiration Term from the drop-down. If you
  • Select the Redemption Amount Type from the drop-down. Same as Price, Fixed Price, and Percentage are the choices.
    • Selecting Same as Price means that the price the purchaser pays for the gift card will be the same amount as the redemption amount for the recipient.
    • Selecting Fixed Price means redemption amount of the gift card will be a fixed price, either higher or lower than the cost paid by the purchaser of the gift card. For example, the purchaser might pay $20 for a gift card, but the redemption amount for the recipient could be $40.
    • Selecting Percentage means that the purchaser would pay a certain Price for the gift card, but the redemption amount would be a percentage of this.
  • Fill in the Redemption Amount field if you choose either Fixed price or Percentage with the redemption dollar amount or percentage (no $ or % symbols in the field).
  • Click once all the fields have been filled in.

The product detail screen will now appear.

The Basic fields have selections that for managing the product.

Active - Yes/No set whether the product is active or not.

Publish -Yes/No determines whether or not this product will or will not display on the front end.

Product Name - This will be auto-filled with text from product create. This can be edited if the product detail screen is in edit mode.

Product Code - This field will be auto-filled with the unique alphanumeric code added during product create. This code can be edited if the product detail screen is in edit mode.

URL Title - This field is auto-generated based on the product code field during product create. This url field can be edited. This field is used to create the front-end URL for SEO purposes. The value must contain only alpha-numeric charecters as well as - or _. Best practice is to leave this value as all lower case.

Brand - This is set to Brand selected during product creation. It can be edited here.

Product Type - The base product type, Gift Card can't be changed, however, if child gift product types have been created in product type section of the site, the selection here can be changed.

Available to Sell - This is the amount of gift cards that are available for sale.

Available Immediately to Sell - This displays the amount of gift cards available for immediate sale.

Below the Basic fields that were created during product create are accordions with additional information and settings for the product.

The Gift Card Product detail accordions:

Skus - Skus have been automatically generated

Sales History - the orders for the product will appear on this accordion

Images - All default and alternate images for the product are displayed within this accordion and an administrator can replace these placeholders with actual photography.

Files - Any files such as spreadsheets, word docs, text docs, pdf's with product specs or instruction manuals, etc. may be added here.

Product Description - The description of products may be added WYSIWYG here.

Listing Pages - All page heirarchies for Slatwall CMS and any integrated third party CMS software will appear here. When Slatwall is integrated with Mura, this accordion is where you connect the slatwall content accessto a page in Mura. To display this product on a certain page, check the box next to the appropriate page. If the appropriate page hasn’t been created, please reference Creating a New Slatwall Page in this guide. Products may also be connected to Slatwall CMS pages here by selecting the desired Slatwall CMS page and saving.

Categories - Product categories are not assigned or set to display by default. If Product Categories have been created and you would like to assign a product to a particular category, check the corresponding box on the left of the category and save.

Related Products - If there are any related products they may be checked off here and saved.

Product Reviews - This where Product Reviews may be managed.

Vendors - Used for inventory management, selections on this accordion will allow admins to place and track vendor orders with this product. When selected, this product will be available in the inventory management options for the selected vendor.

Product Settings - This is where settings may be set at the individual product level.

SKU Settings - Used for inventory management, selections on this accordion will allow admins to place and track vendor orders with this product. When selected, this product will be available in the inventory management options for the selected vendor.

Additional Info - This is an example of a Custom Attribute that was added for the Product object type. These are added by the user through Config > Attribute Sets. When an attribute set is created it will show up on the products detail page if Product is selected as the object. Settings such as template, image height/width, meta descriptions, and more can be edited in this accordion.

WYSIWYG Test - This is another example of a Custom Attribute that was created for products providing a WYSIWYG.

Additional Comments - Another Custom Attribute.

Comments - A place to put comments about the product.

System - This is a log of changes made to the product.

Editing Gift Card Skus

The first accordion Skus, when expanded, displays the listing of the sku automatically generated. More skus for the product can be created here. For example, if you created one $20 gift card, different gift cards skus can be created. Or, you can edit the existing sku.

The screenshot above of the sku detail shows the basic fields for the sku as well as accordions for additional information and settings for the sku.

Sku Description - This accordion has a WYSIWYG editor to add a description about the gift card product.

Sales History - If the gift card has been sold, there will be a log of its sales history here.

Currencies - This will list the currencies that the gift card is sold in.

Alternate Sku Codes - If you would like to create alternate sku codes, this is where you would create them.

Sku Settings- This is where the sku settings can be managed.

System - This is where the product ID, creation and modified dates and created and modified by logs are kept.

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