Slatwall dynamically pulls Categories created in Mura and lists them in the Categories section of the site.

To navigate to Categories:

  • Select Products drop-down.
  • Click on Categories.

The Categories listing screen will appear.

Each entry in the Category Listing consists of three parts: a Name, Restrict Access, and Allow Product Assignment, the latter two of which can be toggled Yes/No by clicking the Edit icon .

Restrict Access (Yes/No)

In order to make portions of your site subscription-only, you must restrict access to them. One way to do this is by category. Restricting Access to a category makes it available for inclusion in subscriptions; if it is not restricted, subscription is unneeded to access the content and thus it will automatically be included in all subscriptions unless manually excluded. Note: all Categories automatically are available for exclusion from subscription benefits regardless of their restriction settings.

Allow Product Assignment (Yes/No) 

In order to attach a product to a category select Yes or select No if you don't want to allow product assignment.