You're probably already familiar with the concept of branding - a name, perhaps the company's, perhaps not - under which products are sold.  Some companies use no brands; others use many. Slatwall includes a robust brand management system to handle any branding needs you may need.

To create a new Brand:

  • Click on Products on the Slatwall toolbar.
  • Select Brands from drop-down.

  This Brand Listing page will appear. This will be a listing of all Brands that have been added to Slatwall.

To add a new Brand to Slatwall:

  • Click  to add a new brand.

The Create Brand screen will appear.

Active to Yes or No - set this depending on whether the Brand should be active or not

Brand Name - Give the Brand a name

Brand Website - Fill in the website for the Brand if it exists and then click Save.

You will now see the Brand detail page, including the Basic fields just created and accordions for Products, Vendors, Brand Settings  and System which are described below.

Products - This accordion displays products that have been assigned the Brand through the product creation process. A Product cannot be added to a brand from the Brand manager. Instead, visit the product's detail page and select the brand from the drop-down menu and then save the product. Now that product will be listed on the Products accordion of the Brand detail page.

Vendors - This accordion is where Vendors associated with the Brand can be selected and saved.

Brand Settings - This accordion displays technical settings for brand display, description, and keywords.

System - This accordion gives information about who created the Brand and when it was last updated.