Orders Overview

The Orders Manager is where an administrator can:

  • View and export order listings
  • View details regarding orders
  • Process fulfillment of an order
  • Add tracking details to an order
  • Cancel an Order
  • Search through the order list for specific user or order number.

To access the Order Manager:

  • Select the Orders tab from the Toolbar
  • Click Orders from the drop-down.

The Orders listing screen will display.

From this screen  you can view orders in order of most recently placed. Displayed is Order Number, Date Placed, First Name, Last Name, Company, Order Type, Status, Order Origin Name, Created Date Time, and Total.

Clicking    or on any order brings you to the order detail page, where you'll find the following Basic fields:

Below the Basic fields shown above are additional accordions explained below:

  • Order Items - a listing of all products in a given order. If the order is still open, you can change quantity of items in the order by clicking   and manually entering the new quantity. Clicking  allows you to choose a SKU and quantity of that SKU to the order. To view all order items independently of their order, select "Order Items" from the Orders drop-down at the top.

  • Order Payments - a listing of payment(s) on an order. Clicking the + Add Order Payment button opens a dropdown menu listing available payment options (see Payment Methods for more information), and selecting a payment option brings you to the corresponding Create Order Payment screen for that option.

  • Order Fulfillments - Shows fulfillment(s) of the order (see Fulfillment Methods for more information), including the method of fulfillment, the charge for fulfillment (before and after applicable discounts), quantity delivered, and any quantity remaining to be fulfilled.

  • Promotions - Any promotions that have been applied to the order. Promotion codes can be applied here by clicking +Add Promotion Code. (See Promotions for more information on creating promotions.)

  • Order Deliveries - lists fulfillment(s) of the order which have been delivered (for automatic fulfillments, this will update simultaneously with order fulfillment), including the date of delivery and the quantity delivered.


  • Account Details - This is where the basics details such as email, payment methods phone numbers, price groups that account has been assigned to, etc. are detailed. To edit details of the account tied to the order, see Accounts.

  • Comments - shows any comments attached to this order; clicking  allows you to create a new comment and toggle whether you want it to be public or not, meaning whether they will be visible to the frontend user when he or she views orders placed from his or her account. You can create a referencing comment to another order by typing in order # XXXX with XXXX being the number of the order you are referencing. When you save the comment, there will be a link to the order you referenced and in the order you reference, the comments section will automatically have a link back to this order.

Clicking at the top provides quick access to options, depending on the order's status,such as Place Order, Place Order On Hold, Cancel Order, Force Status Update, Add Order Payment, Add Promotion Code, Add Comment or Duplicate Order.