Manual Order Entry

Administrators and customer support representatives do not have to go through the front-end to place a new order for a customer. Instead, all functionality, including assigning price groupings and promotions to an order, can be accessed from within Slatwall.

  • Select the Orders tab from the Slatwall Toolbar
  • Click Orders from the drop-down.

The Order Listing page will display. To place a new admin order:

  • Click +Create Order in the upper right hand corner.

The Create Order modal will appear.

New Account:

  • Select No and begin typing the name registered on the account in the field that appears if the visitor has an account already. Suggestions will be automatically generated in a drop-down, select the appropriate account by clicking on it.
  • Select Yes and fill in the fields on the modal shown in screen shot above if it is a new account. First Name, Last Name, Company, Phone, Email Address, Create Account Password if desired.

Now select from the following drop-downs:

Order Type:

  • Select either Sales Order, Return Order, or Exchange Order.


  • Select the currency for the order.

Order Origin:

  • Choose either Web, POS, and Mail Order.

Default Stock Location:

  • Choose the default stock location, if any.
  • Click Create Order at the bottom of the modal.

Adding items to the Order

Once the information is filled out and create order has been clicked, Slatwall displays the order detail screen. At the top left half of the screen is the information we inserted on the previous screen. On the top right half of the screen is the overview, status and payments so far for the order.

There is an additional field called Assigned Account which is way to assign orders to specific customer service accounts.

Below the basic information are accordions that can be expanded to add additional information. The Order Items at the top is open by default. This is where the items to be ordered are selected.

In the screenshot below the Order Items accordion is expanded. If you know what product should be added to the order, the Search field can be used to narrow the Skus that are displayed.

  • Start adding items to the order by finding the order item desired, typing in the quantity, and then clicking Add to the right of the order item.

After Add is clicked, the Add order items modal appears, shown in the screenshot below.

Here, you verify the quantity and price, edit any specific option selections, and enter fulfillment details. If a shipping address is tied to this account already, select it from the drop-down. Otherwise, enter new shipping information here. Once everything has been filled in, click Add at the bottom of the modal.


  • Verify the quantity and price
  • Fill in any special order item attributes if there are any associated with the order item. In the screenshot above a custom order item attribute was created (see Attribute Sets for instructions on how to create custom attributes for differen objects such as order items, orders, products, etc.) called Personal Brand Name. This is where special information for an order item can be added.
  • Enter fulfillment details. If a shipping address is tied to this account already, select it from the drop-down. Otherwise, enter new shipping information here.
  • Once everything has been filled in, click Add at the bottom of the modal.

Order Payments - Expand this accordion to see if there are valid payment methods associated with the account. They can be added here. However, when the order is placed, a new payment method can be used and if desired the method can be used just once or saved to the account.

Order Fulfillments - Expand this accordion and then select the pencil icon to the right of the fulfillment method chosen.

Order Deliveries - Expand this accordion to see the status of delivery of the item. If the order has not been placed yet, there will be no entries here.

Promotions - Expand this accordion to add a promotion to the order. Click on Add Promotion Code and a modal will appear to add the code. You can also click the Actions drop-down at the top-right of the screen. In the drop-down that appears, select Add Promotion Code.
Note: promotions created without codes are automatically applied if the order qualifies for the promotion.

Placing the Order

When ready to place the order:

  • Click the Actions drop-down.
  • Select Place Order.


The Place Order modal will appear.

  • Select the Shipping Method from the drop-down.
  • Enter the payment information on this screen. If you are using a saved credit card payment method, keep the selections set to default and then click Place Order.
  • If you are using a new credit card, select New from the Copy From dropdown and fill in the fields that appear, as shown in the screenshot below: the credit card number, expiration date, and CVV code. Enter the billing address, if one is not already saved for the account.

  • Check off Yes or No for Save as Account Payment. Yes will save the payment to the account.
  • Click Place Order.