Fulfilling an Order

To search for the order that is going to be fulfilled:

  • Select Orders from the Slatwall toolbar.
  • Click Orders from the drop-down.

The Order Listing page will appear with orders that have not yet been processed. 

  • From this screen, an administrator can view the customer account information and order by clicking on the or  button.
    Note: In order to fulfill an order, the order must first be successfully placed. Orders that are Auto fulfilled or Email fulfillment do not require this step as they are automatically fulfilled when the order is placed.

  • To fulfill the items, expand the Order Fulfillments accordion below the Basic fields. The Order Fulfillment Detail screen for that order will then open. 

  • Click the pencil icon on the right side of the fulfillment information.
  • In the Actions drop-down of the next screen, select Fulfill Items.

  • The Fulfill Items screen will appear.
  • Add in the quantity of items to fulfill.
  • Click the Fulfill Items button on the top right.

  • Insert the quantity or quantities of each item shipped, and any desired tracking information.
  • Clicking Create will automatically fulfill the items listed. (as long as the payment information is correct, check the Order Payment accordion to make sure valid payment information has been added.)