Here is how to create a workflow:

  • Click on Config From the Slatwall toolbar.
  • Click on Workflows from the drop-down.

This will bring you to the Workflow listing page, which lists all the workflows that have been created.

  • Click 

This will bring you to the Workflow create screen.

with the Basic, Tasks, Triggers and System accordions.

Basic Accordion
The basic tab will be open by default with some fields that need to be filled in

Workflow Name: Fill this field with a name that will give an idea of what the workflow does.
Object: Select the object related to the workflow. So, if you are creating an Order Payment processing workflow for orders where the payment transaction is successful, you would select Order for the object.
Active: If the workflow should be active, set this to Yes.

Tasks Accordion

  • Click on the arrow to the right of the Task accordion to expand it. Below is a screenshot of it expanded.
  • Click on the orange + Create New Task to create a new task.

Basic Tab - tasks
Task Name:


Conditions Tab - tasks

Actions tab - tasks

Triggers Accordion


System Accordion