Location is a concept in Slatwall that refers to any physical address where your products or services are handled, stored, shipped from, or sold or the location and configurations for your events are held. To access the Location Listing:

  • Select Config from the Slatwall toolbar
  • Select Locations from the drop-down.

The Locations listing screen will display.

Click the blue + Add Location button and the Create Location modal will appear.

Enter a unique name for your location to set it apart from others, set Active to Yes or No, and if there is a parent location, select it from the drop-down and click Save.

The location detail screen will display along with some accordions for adding in additional information about the location.

Location Addresses - This accordion is where location addresses can be added for a location. Select the radio button next to the address that is considered the primary address for a location.

If you would like to add a Location Address:

  • Click the+ Add Location Address and the Create Location Address modal will appear.
  • Fill in the address fields.
  • Click Save.

Location Configurations - This is where all the configurations for a location are added.

To add a Location Configuration:

  • Click the Add Location Configuration button.

The Create Location Configuration screen will appear.

  • Name the Location Configuration.
  • Fill in the Configuration Capacity.
  • Save.

Location Configuration Settings - This is where the Pre Event and Post Event Reservation minutes can be set.

Location Stocks