The Settings Manager ${admin-settingslisting} is home to an extremely robust set of tools and customization options. The following is a directory of the parts of the Settings Manager that are large enough to warrant their own walkthroughs, below which is a brief summary of all other parts of the Setting Manager.

Other Parts of the Settings Manager:

Types. A listing of all types across the site.

Categories. A listing of all categories across the site.

Contents. A listing of all pages in Mura which have been activated for use in Slatwall via the Slatwall tab on their page editor.

Measurement Units. A listing of all measurement units used across the site; their code; and the type of measurement (for example, Ounce; oz; weight).

Task Histories. A listing of all executions of all tasks in the site's history.


Note: throughout the Settings Manager, you may encounter a large, red, "REMOVE SETTING OVERRIDE" button. This button simply indicates that these settings have been changed from their default, and clicking it will cause a revert. In settings with only two options, this is the same as simply selecting the other option.