Slatwall Dashboard

Once you have logged in to Slatwall you will be brought to the Slatwall Dashboard. The Slatwall navigation toolbar at the top of the dashboard is the way to navigate around the site. Below the navigation toolbar are two columns that display recent activity such as New Orders, a log of the most recent activity on the site and Recent Product Reviews.

  • New Orders shows orders that were most recently placed, including the order number, name of the order, the time and date the order was placed, the status and total. Search orders using search box right from the dashboard, view a specific order or download orders.
  • The dated log provides a snapshot of admin users recent activity on the site.
  • Recent Product Reviews allows administrators to keep a close eye on new reviews - this gives more control over the content and quality of reviews on your site. Search product reviews using search box right from the Dashboard, view a specific product review or download product reviews.

There are a few things you can do right from the Dashboard:

  • Export an order or product review.
  • Search an order or product review.
  • View a recent Order, recent activity or Product Review.


Slatwall Toolbar

The Slatwall navigation toolbar is the way to navigate around the site. Here’s an overview of the main navigation items:

The Slatwall logo to the left is a shortcut link to the main Slatwall Dashboard page.
The Products button opens a drop-down with selections to get to the listing pages to manage Products, Product Types, Brands, Skus, Product reviews, Options Groups, Subscription Terms, Subscription Benefits, Categories, Content, Promotions, and Price Groups.
The Orders drop-down has selections to get to listing pages to manage or view Orders - where a user can view, edit, and complete all orders placed using Slatwall, Carts and Quotes, Order Items, Order Fulfillments, Order Payments, Order Deliveries, Vendor Orders, and Vendor Order Items and Gift Cards.
The Accounts drop-down has selections to get to listing pages to manage or view Accounts - serves as a shortcut link to the Account Manager page, where a user can view and edit any administrative account, Subscription Usages, Permissions Groups, Loyalty Programs, Loyalty Terms, and Vendors.
The Warehouse drop-down has selections to get to listing pages to view Stocks, Stock Receivers, Stock Adjustments, Stock Adjustment Items and Physicals, where a user can view and edit warehouse stock.
Integrations Slatwall can be integrated with different CMS (content management system) software, shipping, payment processing software, etc. The Integration drop-down on the Slatwall toolbar links all the active integrations. All Integrations, including ones that are not active, can be managed at Config >> Integrations.
The Config drop-down has selections to get to listing pages to manage or view Settings - serves as a link to view the Settings Manager, where a user can view and edit Slatwall settings, Attribute Sets, Integrations (full list), Address Zones, Collections, Countries, Currencies, Email Templates, Fulfillment Methods, Locations, Measurement Units, Order Origins, Payment Methods, Payment Terms, Print Templates, Rounding Rules, Sites, Tax Categories, Terms, Types, and Workflows.
The Tools drop-down has selections like Reporting Dashboard, Event Triggers, Schedules, Sessions, Task, Task Histories, File Manager, Slatwall Log, Audits, Emails, Process Bounced Emails, Update Slatwall, Update Database Encryption Password, Re-enrypt Database, Reload Slatwall.
The Search box will provide instantaneous search results for any content added into Slatwall. This includes products, product types, orders, accounts, etc.
The Cog icon  drop-down has selections for personal account settings such as View Account, Logout, as well as selections to view the User Guide, Developer Docs, and About Slatwall.  There is also the ability to view Slatwall in other languages such as French and German.