Subscription Usages

Subscription Usages Manager is the place in Slatwall that lists all customers' active and suspended subscriptions.

Navigate to Subscription Usages 

To access the Subscription Usage Listing page:

  • Select Accounts from the Slatwall navigation toolbar.
  • Select Subscription Usages from the drop-down.

The Subscription Usages listing page will display a detailed list of all current and past subscribers.

From here you can:

  • Search for a Subscription Usage in the search field
  • Sort by the recipient First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Next Bill Date, Expiration Date, Term Name, Renewal Price, Auto Pay,
  • Create personal collection reports. For more information about personal collections visit the Collections section of the user guide.
  • View or Edit details of a Subscription Usage.

View or Edit a Subscription Usage

To view or edit a listing:

  • Click on the pencil or eye icon located to the right of the desired subscription usage.

On the Edit Subscription Listing  page that appears, the user can control a subscriber's payment method, renewal price, next bill date, and expiration date.

You can also view a listing of all items that are part of this subscription:

From the Actions drop-down menu at the top you can renew, cancel, update the status of the subscription, send a renewal reminder and add a subscription benefit.

Renewal will create a new order, which will display on the Order Items accordion and will have to be fulfilled and charged like any other order before the subscription is officially updated to Active with a new expiration date.