Permission Groups

Slatwall, by default, considers all users as if they were customers (thus barring all backend access) unless told otherwise. Administrative accounts, then, are merely standard accounts which have been granted permission to access part or all of the backend. 

Permission Groups can be created to convey page visitation rights to a particular group. To access the section, click on the Accounts tab on the Slatwall toolbar, and select Permission Groups from the drop-down.

Slatwall comes preloaded with a "Super User" Permission Group which cannot be edited or deleted. If you have few administrators, this group may be sufficient for your needs and you can go ahead and add accounts to this permission group.

To create a new Permission Group, click the blue + Add Permission Group button. On the Create Permission Group page, enter the name of the group in the space provided, and click Save.

The permission group detail screen will appear. There are two accordions Data Permissions and Action Permissions that need to be expanded and then the appropriate permissions need to be checked off.

Expand the Data Permissions accordion. By default, all the permissions are checked off. Uncheck the top row and then check the entities/properties you would like include. In the case of the Orders permission, Orders create, read, update and delete were checked and then Save clicked at the top right of the screen.

Expand the Actions Permissions Accordion to check off the actions permissions for the group. Click Save to make the changes permanent.

Adding an Account to a Permission Group

To add an account to a group, select Accounts from the Slatwall navigation toolbar at the top of the screen and then select Accounts from the drop-down. Click the edit (pencil) button next to the user account you'd like to add to a group. Expand the Permission Groups accordion and check off the group or groups to which you'd like to add this account. When you are finished, click Save.