Editing an Account

To open the Edit Account page, click on the pencil button  located to the right of the subscribers name on Account Listing screen.

The tabs used to personalize account information include:

  • Contact Details Addresses - Displays any shipping and billing addresses for this account.Clicking   + Add Account Address allows you to fill in a nickname, country, name, company, street address (up to two lines), city, state, and postal code for this account. This option can also be found under the "Actions" drop-down menu at the top of the page. You can also add an Account Email Address and add an Account Phone Number.

  • Payment Methods - Displays any payment methods stored with this account.Clicking + Add Account Payment Method allows you to add new payment methods, depending on which payment method integrations have been set up (for more on this, view the Settings Manager portion of the guide). For example, if Credit Card has been set up, this is where you would enter credit card information (name, number, expiration, etc.).

  • Price Groups - Displays all price groups to which the account can be (or has been) added; simply check the box next to a price group to add this account to it.

  • Orders - Displays orders placed by this account.

  • Carts & Quotes - Displays the items that have been selected and are in the cart before the order has been placed.

  • Account Payments -

  • Account Loyalty Programs -

  • Product Reviews - Displays the subscriber's reviews across the site, if they exist.


  • Subscriptions - Displays current subscription usages for this account.
  • Permission Groups - Displays whether or not the subscriber is part of a Permission Group; simply check the box next to a permission group to add this account to it.

  • Acount Settings -

  • Additional Account Info. -