Why Slatwall is Better

Modern, Fully-Featured Platform

Modern, Fully-Featured Platform

Slatwall is enterprise-ready with everything you need to sell. No shortcuts or limitations.



Designed to give your team the freedom and creative control they need to customize the customer experience.

API-Driven Framework

API-Driven Framework

Slatwall is an open source, cloud-native platform that seamlessly integrates with all of your existing core systems.

Unparalleled Stability

Unparalleled Stability

Single tenant SaaS environment with auto-updating core means no more servers to maintain, increased security and dynamic scaling to handle your growth.

Omnichannel Out-of-the-Box

Omnichannel Out-of-the-Box

Rapidly respond to customer trends and easily sell across all devices and channels. Slatwall also has built-in sales channels for point-of-sale and B2B.

Complete Product Catalog

Complete Product Catalog

Easily create and manage a variety of products - everything from physical goods to digital products, subscriptions and gift cards.

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Platform Features

World Class Support

Need assistance? Short on developers? The Slatwall team is available for consultations, help, and support when you need it.

Get Launched Fast

With Slatwall, get up and running quickly, connect new platforms and technology easily and start selling fast with out-of-the-box templates.


B2C? B2B? How about all of it? Connect Slatwall to all the places you want to be selling.

Ready to Sell

Unlike other headless platforms, Slatwall provides the sales tools you need right out of the gate. Manage your entire eCommerce business from product creation to order fulfillment.

Secure & Ready to Scale

Built on top of a robust cloud architecture and PCI Level 1 Compliant, Slatwall is ready to scale for your business growth.

Flexible Promotions

Create sophisticated, conversion-generating promotions like loyalty programs, discounts, price groups, and more.

For Developers

Developer Friendly

Sign up and start using Slatwall today. Our development package provides unlimited usage, including products, users, orders.

Ready to go live? Our support team will work with you to set up the production environment. You'll be able to keep your development environment live for testing. Easy signup with competitive, scaled pricing based on what you use.

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