Connect Contentful and Slatwall Commerce. with our new app - get up and running in minutes. Launch faster with our storefront starter kit for Contentful.

What It Is:

Quickly and easily create storefronts that work better - modern content management and service connected to a powerful eCommerce engine. Slatwall Commerce for Content, an app available in the Contentful marketplace, connects your Slatwall Commerce and Contentful accounts.

Once the app is installed and set up, use the storefront starter kit to begin building! The starter kit includes a complete storefront experience from product listing and shopping, through cart, checkout, and account area. We’ve even included content integrations for merchandised product listing pages and product banners. Launch a proof-of-concept quickly, use it for development reference or copy the React components into your existing library.

Why It’s Great:

Launch a better storefront with modern headless commerce and content from Slatwall Commerce and Contentful. Your marketing and business teams get the exact content management platform they want - no hosting hassles, lots of control, and plenty of flexibility. On the eCommerce side, a robust promotional engine, advanced product capabilities like subscription selling, limitless data and reporting, and much more.

Best of all - both services are headless and ready to connect into the rest of your business systems and marketing services.

For marketing and development teams who are ready to build a new storefront powered by Contentful and Slatwall Commerce, our new storefront starter kit makes it easier to get started quickly. The app and starter kit are open source and available to the entire development team (we encourage contributions!) - apply your design and style, and use our core code snippets to launch faster.

The Slatwall Commerce for Contentful app allows marketing teams to create exceptional digital experiences, pages, and content, and connect an entire storefront with a modern headless content platform, Contentful.

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