We like to say that the best eCommerce platform is what you need it to be. Regardless of how or where you sell, your platform needs to be able to support that business. For a number of Slatwall users, selling both online and in-store using unique selling experiences represents a significant portion of their business. In addition to the sales channel, there is a requirement to connect all sales channels to a single commerce platform - orders, products, accounts and more can all be shared between them.

What It Is:

  • Unique interface designed for in-person transactions
  • Modern design that works on both desktop and tablet presentations
  • Integrations for credit card swiping, receipt printing and more
  • 100% integrated into Slatwall installation including everything a merchant needs- accounts, product catalog, promotions, marketing

Why It’s Great:

With a straightforward interface and direct integration into Slatwall, the Point of Sale (“POS”) system provides another channel through which Slatwall can deliver. In-store associates can assist customers with their orders in-person, place an order to be shipping directly to their home, look up inventory, search for previous transactions (even if online) and much more. The Slatwall POS helps businesses build a complete retail and online experience.

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