Completed September 2018

“Pick, Pack, Ship” is a major UI enhancement to streamline the fulfillment process within Slatwall. Pick-pack-ship will enable a searchable list of all orders awaiting fulfillment (search by location, brand, shipping method, etc). The user can then create batches of orders based on selected criteria, enter the batch detail screen, create pick lists and generate tracking numbers.

What It Is:

The entire order fulfillment process and user interface have been reworked into a single new module designed to allow warehouse/shipping users to work smarter and more efficiency. 

Why It’s Great:

We see Slatwall as a key integration into all aspects of an organization's online business and integration with the warehouse and shipping operations is one of the biggest pieces of that operation.

Searching for and implementing new efficiencies to give businesses a means to ship faster, reduce errors and do so using fewer resources are just a few of the wins that Slatwall can deliver for businesses.

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