For any eCommerce business, the back-office functions and tools built around inventory and product management may provide as much lift to a business as those focused on marketing and sales. These inventory management updates were focused on improving the accuracy and efficiency for organizations who conduct frequent counts of inventory and provide more insight into how individual products are selling.

What It Is:

The reorder report provides insight into how much an individual item (sku) is selling and what future demand will look like.

Customized inventory worksheets for physical counts by selecting a specific batch of SKUs and the timing for the count. 

Why It’s Great:

In order to operate as efficiently as possible, reduce costs and maximize selling opportunities, a platform needs to assist the team in managing an eCommerce presence and give insight into the business. While the Slatwall integrations offer a number of opportunities to sync data into back-office systems, there are numerous opportunities for companies who don’t have those systems in place to get started - these inventory enhancements help get you there.

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