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$0 /mo.

  • You Build
  • You Host
  • You Support
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$1500 /mo.

  • Professionally Managed Hosting
  • Production and Development Environments
  • PCI Level 1 Compliant
  • Data Backups
  • 24/7 Monitoring and SLA
  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support
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$5k + /mo.

  • Everything from Standard Edition
  • Custom Environment Design
  • Horizontal Scaling
  • Caching Tiers
  • Discounts on Development Services
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Typical Implementation


The Engineering process is critical to understanding your unique business requirements and leveraging the flexibility within the Slatwall platform to its fullest advantage.

Our development team becomes an embedded partner with you, through a series of in-depth discovery sessions. We dig into your business to understand how to tackle the project, delivering a detailed project plan, functional spec and wireframes.

30 - 120 Hours
$8k - $30k


We believe strongly that the UI of your website should not be dictated by the Commerce platform. You should be able to build product search, listing pages, cart, checkout and account templates that work for your customers and your business. The Slatwall team can work with you to develop the responsive design that works for your site.

40 - 120 Hours
$11k - $35k

Platform Implementation

You run an eCommerce business so you know the complexities involved with the implementation of a new platform. Slatwall certainly provides all of the features and flexibility you need to be successful, but it still requires an experienced implementation team to nail down critical elements such as; front-end templates, data imports, product configurations, triggered emails, shipping, taxes, payment processing, reporting, etc. We make sure you hit the ground running.

200 - 500 Hours
$55k - $135k

Custom Development

Most eCommerce platforms will not meet the requirements for complex business rules out of the box, and Slatwall is no exception. But, with Slatwall's flexibility and our team of eCommerce experts, we are able to customize the platform for your business rather than requiring you to change the business to fit the platform. This might mean new features added to the core, integrations with existing technology or custom functions built as plugins (while keeping you on the upgrade path!).

0 - 400 Hours
$0 - $110k

Documentation & Training

No two implementations of Slatwall are the same, so we build a custom user manual for each client, with screenshots detailing exactly how the system is set-up in the administrator. We follow this up with training for your team to make sure they understand how to manage key, day-to-day tasks.



Once the implementation of Slatwall is completed on the development servers, and fully tested, we deploy all files to our production environment. This PCI compliant set-up will be monitored 24/7 by our team, we will also trap and respond to site errors and provide unlimited support for your site administrators. The development environment lives on and is available for the build and testing on new functionality.



Obviously the pricing and descriptions detailed on this page are only estimates, and each implementation is unique. But we feel strongly about an open, transparent relationship with our clients. We are not hiding behind complicated pricing models or fancy powerpoint presentations. We lay it on the table, and then deliver on our promises, it's that simple.

6 - 12 Months
$74k - $310k

Frequently Asked Questions

We don't offer a self-running demo because it really wouldn't be helpful in evaluating if Slatwall is the right fit for your business. The flexibility inherent in the platform means that the right set-up for one business would be completely wrong for another. This is why the time spent understanding your specific requirements is so important to the process.

Slatwall is in use across many different industries including consumer product, manufacturing, publishing, education, and more. The one thing they all have in common is a unique business model that provides them with a distinct competitive advantage, and the inability of other commerce platforms to fit within that model.

In order to ensure that you're feature gets added to the core in a timely manner, it is always best to contact us via phone or email.  We can provide a quote & timeline for the project, and upon approval, prioritize the feature in our build cycle.  If you're not looking to get your feature prioritized you can always post feature requests to our Github Issue Tracker or the Slatwall Commerce Google Group.

Slatwall is a 100% free and open source project that can be found on github.  We provide custom development, managed hosting & support services for the platform.

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