Version 5.5 - Official Release

We are excited to announce the release of Slatwall Commerce 5.5! This release includes reporting, analysis, and tools for the business and marketing team with enhancements to core API, data structure, and services for the developer. All delivered faster than ever before.

New Reporting Engine and Dashboard

  • All-new UI for reporting.
  • Reporting is now integrated into the collections and listing screens.
  • Ability to save and share custom reports.
  • New UI for the dashboard screen.
  • New standard reports available out of the box
  • Subscription Revenue Recognition and Reporting

Data Collections: Saving personal collections

  • Collections is now integrated into all of the listing screens (Orders, Accounts, Products, etc).
  • Collection feature set available for all data types throughout Slatwall Commerce.
  • Custom collections, including filters and data display, can be saved.
  • Access to create and share custom reports throughout the administration area.

API Enhancements

As part of our continuing efforts to make Slatwall Commerce easily accessible for developers and integration partners, this latest release includes a number of enhancements to our API structure. Our full coverage API is available on Postman.

SEO Friendly Meta Data

Ability to drive SEO using attributes and extra fields.

SKU Image Management

Ability to add alternate shots (that are sortable) for each SKU.

Pick, Pack, Ship

A new UI allows you to process batches of orders for fulfillment along with pick waves to optimize the back-office process. This also includes the ability to print shipping labels right from the Slatwall admin. Ability to process payment upon shipment.

For a detailed description of the exciting new features in this release, check out our recent post. Visit our product roadmap for more details and upcoming releases.

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