Version 5.0 - Official Release

The Slatwall Commerce team is excited to announce the release of version 5.0.  This major release includes enhancements to the SKU Pricing Manager, allowing changes to be administered directly to your products sku listing quickly and easily. Some of the most notable improvements include:

  • A pricing tab for SKUs on a product page. This allows the ability to create multiple pricing levels for one SKU. This feature will come in handy for quantity-based discount pricing. For example, if you have a t-shirt with a cost of $24.99 per unit but want to add a discounted price per t-shirt if someone purchases 5 or more. You can now add this as a new option under the SKU pricing tab.

  • Image management from the SKU tab under a product. This allows for an image to be added as a default that will cascade to every item under one SKU
  • Inventory changes can now be accessed and updated from the SKU tab under a product for quick adjustments

  • Multiple currencies can now be defined from the SKU tab under a product

In addition to the SKU Pricing Manager enhancements, we have many UI improvements for Merchandising that will introduce some important functionality from a marketing standpoint. These new features include the following:

  • Manage Product Lists - The ability to control how products are shown on specific pages and define a custom sort. It is now possible to create a page and its content, such as an offer page, add products directly from that page, and set a default sort for how the products are listed (i.e. by price, top-rated, etc.)

  • Listing Pages - When editing a single product, you will now have the ability to choose as many listing pages as you want the product to show up on. 

We also improved many other experiences:

  • Ability to create a category - allows the user to create a category for search filtering (i.e. region, etc.). This is especially important for those using Slatwall alone as a simple CMS.
  • FedEx Integration - added the ability to auto generate a tracking number and label for FedEx shipments
  • Extended Sessions - ability to remember a user and show personalized content after a session has expired. The user will still be prompted to log in when visiting pages such as account settings, etc.
  • Partial payments - introduced a new SKU setting that allows deposits and partial payments

Upcoming Releases

Along with these great features added in 5.0, the crew is hard at work developing functionality for version 5.1 and beyond.  With upcoming releases we're focused on testing and releasing Pick / Pack / Ship Batch Fulfillment. This new UI will allow you to process batches of orders for fulfillment along with pick waves to optimize the back-office process. This also includes the ability to print shipping labels right from the Slatwall admin.

As always, this is just a list of highlighted features. For the full release notes in version 5.0, visit us on github.

Stay tuned for the new additions in 5.1 and beyond!!


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