Version 4.5 - Official Release

We released version 4.3 back in February and have been hard at work ever since. With this release we took a little bit of extra time to pack in some additional features that we think you're really going to love!

What Happened to Version 4.4?

In April we actually launched version 4.4 of Slatwall but didn't make a formal announcement. The 4.4 release was mostly one enhanced security feature around the Slatwall updater that was required for our PA-DSS Certification. While we've always taken PCI compliance very seriously with this official certification of the Application we've gone that one extra step and solidified our commitment to security. If you're interested please check out Slatwall on the Official PCI - Validated Payment Applications.

Version 4.5 Features

The following is a list of the highlighted features in version 4.5, If you'd like the full release notes you can view them on github.

  • New Form Builder.  You can now create misc ad-hoc forms for your users to fill out.  This can be done using the SlatwallCMS or any custom application.
  • FedEx & UPS tracking and lable creation.  This functionality lays the groundwork for some new Pick/Pack/Ship UI that will be coming in a future release.
  • Shipping Rate Multipliers.  Now you can specify item specific quantity based on shipping costs.
  • Stock Loss on Returns.  With this new functionality you can process returns and specify that the product not go back into inventory, but instead to process that inventory as a stock loss.  This functionality would most commonly be used in the event that the item was damaged or otherwise can't be put into inventory.
  • Major improvements to both the Workflow UI and Collection UI to further enhance both of these features.  If you haven't played with either of them, now is a good time to check it out!
  • New AngularJS directives to be used on a website frontend.
  • Support for Adobe ColdFusion 2016.
  • Enhanced client side security with JWT Tokens.
  • Dynamic generation of developer documentation for Slatwall Developer Center.

Version 4.6 & Beyond

Along with these great features added in 4.5, we've also been hard at work developing functionality for version 4.6 and beyond.  With this release out we're now focused on testing and releasing the following:

  • Pick / Pack / Ship Batch Fulfillment.  This new UI allows you to process batches of orders for fulfillment along with pick waves to optimize the back-office process.  This also includes the ability to print shipping labels right from the Slatwall admin.
  • Sku Pricing Manager.  We've added a new tooling to your products sku listing so that you can more easily manage your sku data and do quantity based pricing, inventory management & more.
  • Merchandising.  Have you ever wanted granular control over how your products are ordered on the frontend of your website?  With this new functionality you can manually manage and merchandise your product lists to be exactly the way you want.

We're excited about all of these new additions in 4.6+ and look forward to getting them released.  In the meantime update Slatwall and let us know what you think of 4.5!

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