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Since 1994, when Lightspeed Technologies first entered the education technology market, the company has continued to offer the most innovative and exciting advancements in audio technology to its customers. In a testament to their commitment to their mission and the effectiveness of their products, Lightspeed’s customers have reported profound improvements in the way their students learn. 

Students and teachers are provided a new way of communicating, and educators are now able to ensure that the voice of the teacher is presented in a way that allows the student to fully hear, and therefore, comprehend what is being taught. Altogether, Lightspeed Technologies is offering educators the chance to engage with their students in a way that has never been done before. 

The Situation

Lightspeed’s legacy platform was a challenge to work with and too restrictive for their growing eCommerce operations. They were looking for a new path for their storefront that would give them the freedom and flexibility to create the eCommerce site features that would meet their business requirements.

Lightspeed had been working closely with Andrew Bevins and Switchboard Interactive on multiple marketing initiatives and Switchboard played an integral role in managing the website project.  This included determining the most flexible and scalable solution to meet Lightspeed’s unique requirements and then closely managing the project.

The Solution

After careful research and consideration, Switchboard Interactive, decided that Slatwall Commerce provided the best solution for Lightspeed.

  • Slatwall’s ability to fully integrate with the Mura Content Management System was a particularly compelling feature. Mura is an enterprise CMS platform, so to be able to tightly integrate Slatwall’s sophisticated eCommerce features provides a powerful platform.
  • The professional support of the Slatwall platform, provided by the team at ten24, gave Switchboard the confidence that the project would be delivered on time and on budget.  
  • The order management system within Slatwall created an easy checkout process to allow order-tracking, and inventory management, and other control features that are vital to an eCommerce business. 
  • An overall eCommerce platform that is inherently extendable, and able to be integrated with any other web systems a business may be using. 

Slatwall is designed from the ground-up to with flexibility at the core, allowing the platform to adapt to the individual needs of any business, and offer the latest in eCommerce technology. Accordingly, Switchboard has seen that Slatwall is the kind of platform that many of their clients can benefit from.

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As a result of the partnership between Switchboard and ten24, Lightspeed now has a more organized and effective online store. And they can be assured that if they need to adapt the site because of new business opportunities, the Slatwall platform provides the flexibility to meet these challenges.

With the Slatwall Commerce framework, backed by the ten24 development team, Switchboard can be confident that virtually any of their client’s eCommerce needs can be met.

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