Version 4.1 - Official Release

After a massive release for version 4.0, this release rounds out some features that we didn't get to. We also have a suprise for the developers out there who just need a couple simple website landing pages with cart, account & checkout functionality.

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Custom Attributes in Slatwall

Your going to need fields in Slatwall that aren't there out of the box. Custom Attributes provides the flexibility to to extend any data you need!

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Happy 20th Birthday ColdFusion

A few months back the team at Adobe asked us to be a part of the 20th Birthday video for ColdFusion. Check out the interview with our very own Sumit Verma in this short video.

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Lead Developer Ryan Marchand on AngularJS & TypeScript

On April 30th Slatwall's lead developer Ryan Marchand gave a talk to the Worcester web technology group.  The talk focused on Angular's decision to standardize on TypeScript and what that means for web developers of any application.  This is a recording of that talk that you can watch now!

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