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Shipping and eCommerce go hand-in-hand, and eCommerce industries depend on their package carriers in order to fulfill deliveries on the dates customers paid for. 

Accordingly, when a business pays for a package to be delivered within a given period of time, they are expecting the shipping process to be effective and fulfill their obligation. When a shipping company fails to do so, the customer is unhappy, the business feels as though their money was wasted, and there is a blow to their bottom line. 

However, what if it were possible to recover these costs? 

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Almost every shipping company backs their guarantee with a refund policy. For most businesses, this is an overlooked feature. For those business that are aware of this feature, the claim process can be daunting and burdensome to have to complete in order to get that refund. 

This is probably why so many business consider the failed delivery as a sunk cost. 

However, this burden can profitably be given to a third party in order to not only recover the money, but also outsource the heavy-lifting. 

This is where 71lbs., comes in! 

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You give the shipping issue to a company that specializes in the task of monitoring when you are owed a refund. 

If a package is even one minute late, you are owed a full refund that will automatically be in the process of being recovered. The money you are rightfully-owed will be deposited straight into your account, without you having to lift a finger. 

This streamlined and efficient workflow assures that your business is protected from the unnecessary expense associated with unfulfilled deliveries. 

If your business ships anything, be sure that you are taking advantage of the money-back guarantee by allowing 71 lbs to assist in your claims process. 

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