Slatwall Commerce JavaScript SDK

If you’ve been interested in exploring headless commerce for your next storefront but are convinced that the build and development process will take longer than expected, then our JavaScript SDK is your new best friend.

Released with Slatwall Commerce 6.0, the new SDK makes it easier to connect to our full-coverage API to build headless commerce storefronts. Not only can you get your storefront built faster, but you’ll have access to the entire API for any customizations and enhancements you want to make to continue the development process.

Grab a copy of the SDK on Github or via NPM and connect it to your Slatwall Commerce implementation.

If you’re one of our development partners, we now have available a themed React-based storefront starter kit (also on Github) and template that makes it easy to get up and running on the frontend with Slatwall Commerce - all powered by our new SDK.

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