Slatwall Commerce is sponsoring Jamstack Conf 2020

If you haven’t heard the term Jamstack before, it’s a modern web architecture that’s used to create faster, more secure sites without having web servers. JAM is an acronym that stands for Javascript, APIs, and Markup and is just a simple terminology for developing these modern web apps.

Jamstack Conf is the conference for developers and web enthusiasts to learn how to design, develop, and deploy fast, modern web projects that run on the Jamstack.

The conference is organized by Netlify, a platform as a service (PaaS) that builds, deploys, and hosts Jamstack apps.

This year, Slatwall Commerce is proud to be a sponsor of the Jamstack conference virtual event on October 6 -7, and we’re looking forward to an exciting day of keynotes, interactive sessions, and networking. We hope you’ll join us and come visit our booth to talk about building eCommerce storefronts on the Jamstack or just to say hi!

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