Slatwall Commerce Developer API Enhancements

As part of our ongoing efforts to make Slatwall Commerce as easy to use as possible, more enhancements have just been added to our API endpoints. Of course, our API has always been full coverage - there’s nothing in the Slatwall Commerce core that’s out of bounds, but we’re continually focused on updating and improving the enhanced API to make it easier to build storefronts and integrate with other systems.

So, what’s new?

Product Listing

Lists of products are everywhere across storefronts - category pages, brands, related products, search. Not to mention integrations with third-party services and more. The updates are completely focused on reducing the number of API requests to build listing screens - fewer requests equal more speed and faster builds. 

Kits, Bundles, and Product Builds

If you’re selling complex or configurable products and want to allow your customers to add to cart in a stepped approach, the configurable feature set will enable that shopping experience. With the complexity of certain product configurations, the API will get your front end team the product data that’s needed to build custom product builders or wizards. You’ve probably used step-by-step product configurators, with the new updates we’re releasing those complex product displays are now easier to build using the API only.

My Account

The most likely to be “forgotten about section” of your storefront - “My Account”. We’ve continued to see Slatwall Commerce be used in all sorts of new applications related to commerce. Endpoints focused on assigning new default addresses, primary phone numbers and more have all been updated in the public collection.

Order Fulfillment & Delivery

Finally, we’ve made it easier for developers to get more information from Order Fulfillments and Delivery information. This is particularly helpful when building order tracking and status pages. 

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