Slatwall Commerce API 1.2 Release

It wouldn’t be a new release of Slatwall Commerce without some enhancements to our API. We’ve been working with many of our partners over the past several months gathering some great feedback on how to make building storefronts with Slatwall Commerce better.

What’s New in API 1.2:

Faster Pagination & Filtering

We’ve improved and updated all the documentation around how to build speedy product and record listings. If you’re building any size store, pagination and filtering can be a major speed concern and issue, so that’s now improved with better documentation. 

Scheduled Deliveries: Brand New!

The largest addition to the API documentation are endpoints for our new scheduled subscription delivery and order functionality. Support for subscription delivery hits nearly every aspect of your storefront, so there is extensive support required from the API to provide the best experience for your customers. 

Gift Card Management

We’ve also added new and enhanced endpoints for gift card support (shopping and managing). Enhancements include better support for gift cards within the customer account area including references to previous purchases and more.

Subscription Detail

Accessing and managing digital subscription information has been improved including data required for the subscription process; more subscription profile information is being returned to the front end as part of the account management area. In addition, the subscription purchase and fulfillment processes have all been made more efficient. 

Custom Product (Kits) Support

Want to allow customers to build their own kits, configurable products, or bundles? Enhanced endpoints around. Support included for kits with optional products, minimum and maximum rules, and restrictions, is part of the Slatwall Commerce core platform. Each configurable product can be edited, merchandised, and treated just like any other product in the shopping experience.  

What’s Coming Next?

Want to know what’s on schedule for the next release? With Slatwall Commerce v6 now available, expect to see more updates around subscription orders, recurring deliveries, and more. Be sure to check out our roadmap for more details!

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Our API and documentation are available on Postman. To learn more about the rest of our developer-friendly starter kits, tools, and more, visit our Developer Center.

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