Slatwall Commerce 6.0: Smarter, Advanced Promotion Engine

Slatwall Commerce now gives marketing teams more control and flexibility over how they create, apply and manage promotional offers through their storefronts. Not only that, our promotion engine has been integrated with the data collections functionality within Slatwall’s core, meaning that marketers can create specific promotional criteria for rewards and qualifications based on their entire Slatwall database. 

Using the new promotion engine functionality, users can now create more specific and targeted promotions faster than ever before. Offers can be set up as granularly as you need, including by location, origin of order, customer information or any other data point in the Slatwall Commerce system. 

How creative and specific can you get with the promotional qualifiers you create with Slatwall? If you need to run a promotion that is available only to customers with a specific first name, or live in a certain zip code and only applies to products with an inventory count below a threshold (and it’s dynamic by the way) - or thousands of other combinations and data point - Slatwall Commerce will get you there.

Marketing teams can even also exclude discounts on products that are low in stock or on backorder, and apply discounts on inventory with a minimum stock amount, pricing or data attribute. With Slatwall, business teams can control and minimize any excess discounting to keep margins (and profits) higher while focusing on discounts where they’re really needed. 

If you’re planning to run multiple promotions at the same time, our new promotional priority settings let you define which offers should take priority over others. 

Finally, how do you message promotional offers without writing code or monkeying around with the checkout process? New promotional messaging gives the flexibility to display dynamic status messages, for example: “You’re $50 away from our Summer 2021 offer”. 

The new updates offer intuitive, flexible, and effective promotion options as well as more control to marketing teams so they can focus on creating opportunities to build a better promotional experience on the front end.

To learn more about all of the new features in Slatwall Commerce 6.0, check out our recent article.

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