B2B vs B2C eCommerce: Key Differences

The eCommerce shopping experience relies on a tight alignment between your messaging and your target audience. If you’re interested in pushing your eCommerce ROI to the next level, you’ll need to tailor your web experience to the unique characteristics of your market.

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Addressing B2B Buyers Through eCommerce Design

B2B shoppers take a focused approach to the purchasing process that requires a little more attention from service providers. With a longer sales cycle that heavily emphasizes information delivery, companies can improve their B2B outreach with a few simple changes to their website and eCommerce platform design.

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Get an Edge with Growth-Driven Website Design

Conventional web design logic tells us that a website needs to be refreshed every few years, but is this really the best approach? Rather than committing to a redesign that will take months to implement, why not take a more focused approach that improves your website slowly over time? This is growth-driven design—a dynamic design strategy that leverages subtle, data-backed changes to produce amazing website experiences.

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