Today, Slatwall announced its latest built-in payment integration, Stripe,

What Is Stripe?

Stripe, from a consumer-standpoint, looks the same as every other payment gateway -- the forms used look ordinary, and the credit card submission is the same as found anywhere else.

For developers and e-Commerce administrators, however, Stripe is a welcomed change to an industry bogged down by clunky, inefficient, and hard to implement payment processing platforms. Developers and administrators can quickly set up and get started with a Stripe account.

Why Stripe?

The key with Stripe is its simplicity in all aspects: simple signup, simple setup, simple fee structure, and a simple revenue collection process. This ease of use is what sets Stripe apart -- and now, with the click of a button, Stripe can now be integrated with your Slatwall store.  Simply add the required information in the “Integrations” section of Slatwall to get started. For more information about Stripe, visit their website.

The Slatwall team would like to personally thank Todd Hatcher, an active member of our Google Group, who was the main contributor for this integration.

The new Stripe integration is part of the new version 3.1 of Slatwall. Read more about what else is new in Slatwall 3.1.

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