Meet the Team: Denival Heitz

  • Feb 14, 2018
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Q. How long have you been working here?

Since September 2017, about five months.

Q. What exactly is it that you do here?

Mainly front-end testing for the different components that developers build out as well as Slatwall.

Q. What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy that there is a freedom that I didn’t have before, where I can determine how I want to spread my workload or the tasks I have for the day. Each project has it’s schedule and deadlines, but I can manage my time as I see best.  

Q. Best resource you have found for work?

I would have to say our automated testing Protractor. Even though we just started using it, it can eventually become something very convenient for us and save us a lot of testing time.

Q. What is the most challenging part about testing?

It’s mostly knowing how to test. Most of our projects are custom-built and some of the components are heavily customized. Therefore, testing projects that were already launched requires going into a part of the application I have never touched. This means I have to learn before testing, which can be challenging.

Q. How many projects do you test at any given time?

Four to five projects on any given day. It mostly depends on how many projects we are releasing content for at the same time.

Q. How do you deal with uncooperative developers?

That’s a good question. It doesn’t really happen, but if someone is defensive about their code, I just respond: “You are not trying to convince me, you are trying to convince the user. What should I do about this issue, even if it’s small?” So basically I bring it back to the developer and ask them how they would like to move forward.

Q. How do you spend your free time?

Mostly playing video games, especially with this winter weather! What I would like to do is get back to snowboarding, since my previous job and school didn’t allow me to do it very often.

Q. What’s your GitHub handle?

It’s @denivalheitz.

Q. Favorite movie?

I don’t think I have one. But I do like the entire Star Wars franchise.

Q. Favorite snack from the kitchen?

The Jalapeno kettle chips.

Q. Favorite local lunch place?


Q. Favorite restaurant?  

MINADO Japanese restaurant in Natick, Massachusetts.

Q. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Working for a marketing company, which was really a sales company. We sold kitchen cutlery. It was a borderline pyramid scheme! I had to do cold calls and schedule meetings for selling them. It’s putting people in an awkward position since it required asking for referrals to call other people.

Q. Do you have any special secret talents?

I play the drums.

Q. Project you are most proud of?

Probably the project that I’m currently working on. A complete automated testing suite for Slatwall. Because it’s the first real project that I dove into in a professional sense. Which will hopefully be implemented for use with Slatwall.

Q. If you weren’t a QA what job do you think you would have?

I'd work in the finance, buying and selling real estate or maybe get into the stock market.  

Q. Dream vacation?

Do a general Tour of Europe, starting in England and ending in Spain.  

Q. Favorite website to kill time?

I like to go to Tech websites to hear the latest tech news such as

Q. Marvel or DC Comics?


Q. Favorite video game?


Q. Delivery or DiGiorno’s?


Q. Coke or Pepsi?



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