Meet the Team: Chris Kundrat

  • Sep 15, 2015
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Q: How did you get started as a developer?

I started off as an accounting major, and after one semester I realized I hated it. So I moved on to psych for a semester. I remember sitting in class and realizing I needed a job when I graduated so I had to find a new major. 

I had two professors, my Math and Intro to Computer Science professors, and my math professor wanted me to go into math, but I decided to go into technology since it's more fun and easier to find a job. 

I went into computer science/computer technology and I originally wanted to be a system administrator, so I moved into the information technology concentration. 

I did not want to go into freelance web development whatsoever, but since I was late into the program, I was concerned I would end up there. After I had my first web dev class, I really enjoyed it.

I continued on to the program, so the more advanced classes started occurring. When the prof gave a quiz 90% of the class failed, so he said “none of you really seem to have learned PHP and I have to teach you guys how to build a content management system. Do you guys want to do it in Cold Fusion?” So that’s how I got into Cold Fusion.  

After graduation, I started looking for jobs. Apply for jobs in the morning and hit the beach in the afternoon, and eventually I got one. Then this happened, and that happened, and I ended up at ten24.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

Besides ping pong? 

It’s the creativity aspect of having a problem and hunting for the solution. It provides a way to be creative for someone like myself who was never talented enough to be an artist or musician. 

Q: Which project are you most proud of?

It’s kind of a toss up because I had the password update for the PCI compliance which worked so perfectly people complained. 

I also think Fine Stationery since there was a lot of creativity in there which I enjoyed. Then you have Region 10 which has also come a long way, so seeing where it started and where it is now is a nice feeling.

Q: What is the best resource you have found for your work?

Does Google count? Because Google’s my go-to when I don’t know something.

Q: How do you keep up with industry developments?

It’s a combination of conferences, blogs, networks of people. I’ve been to ng-conf, I go to the Boston Angular meetups, and read blog posts. I think a big part comes down to talking with Ian and Ryan since they’re always talking about that stuff. We talk about things and see what’s possible.

Q: What is the most challenging part about being a developer?

The clients. 

Q: Advice for future developers?

You have to just roll with it and relax and go along. There are always going to be issues (angry clients, random bugs), if you stress about all of them, you’ll burn yourself out early.

Q: If you had to code in 1 language for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That’s a tough one since they all serve such different purposes and I’ve never developed anything that used just one language. It might sound really boring, but I really like back end data, so maybe SQL or HQL.

Q: How do you spend your free time?

I know a lot of people expect an answer like “I make my own development projects on the side,” and I do a little bit of that stuff, but at the end of the day I spend my free time hiking, disc golf, swimming, and watching horror films. 

Q: What is your favorite movie?

I like this in a cheesy way, but the first Starship Trooper.

Q: Favorite snack from the kitchen?

It’s the peanut butter crackers. Unless Monsters count as a snack, because then Monster.

Q: Favorite local lunch place?

Talyta's, hands down.

Q:Do you have a nickname?

Special K.

Q: Favorite video game?

Final Fantasy Tactics, instant classic.

Q: If you weren’t a developer, what job do you think you would have?

Are we being realistic here? If I could be anything I’d be an astronaut. Realistically, I’d be an engineer. 

Q: Favorite restaurant?

Can I have two? One would be Asian Ginger in Foxborough for the $20 all you can eat sushi. And I like Flynn’s Irish Pub in Mansfield. 

Q: Favorite website to kill time?


Q: Do you have a secret hacker name?

It’s not a secret if I tell you, next question.

Q: Do you have any special hidden talents?

I’m pretty talented with being average at everything. I played a lot of instruments, and sports and was pretty average and I can’t sing or dance. 

Q: Delivery or Digiorno?

I only say delivery because there’s a pizza place down the street next to me with perfect pizza. 

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