IRCE 2015 Day Two Recap: Innovate or DIE (or Maybe Just Become Irrelevant)

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If day one of IRCE 2015 set a vision for where retailers need to focus in their e-commerce initiatives moving forward, day two cemented in the justification for doing so.

With tactical discussions on a range of requirements within and beyond e-commerce responsibilities, IRCE had something for everyone involved, regardless of role and experience.

Innovate or Die

Okay that’s extreme, but social media, mobile adoption, and consumer access to technology have created unreal expectations and pressures for business. B2B or B2C, innovation is essential for creating an ever increasing demand for exemplary customer experiences and solutions.

As James McQuivey stated in his feature address, “hyper-adoption” will center around experiences, not devices and sensors. As a result of hyper-adoption, we have all become early adopters.

Technology changes both user demands and how consumers share and exchange information as well.



And yes, your e-commerce presence on the mobile device matters.

Get Some Help From Your Friends (IE, Customers)

Since we are all early adopters, customers represent one of the most ideal opportunities to develop content and learn how to improve your organization’s execution.

Pau Sabria, CEO of the Visual Marketing solution Olapic, believes that over the next 5 years, user generated content will be vital to bridge gaps between brands and fans, ultimately strengthening customer loyalty.  

I can’t say I disagree.

But organizations can’t expect customers to simply drop content “into their laps”; communication and awareness generation are key ingredients to an online marketing program as well.

Even more importantly, consumer feedback and social media communication provide an opportunity to learn and innovate, regardless of whether that content is positive or negative.


Bottom-line, everything I heard in day two echoed conversations from day one. The customer is at the center of every successful e-commerce program.

Innovation Throughout

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least briefly address a great exhibit hall with vendors across a range of e-commerce related needs and capabilities.

It is worth stating that when innovation was such a major theme to sessions and success stories, exhibitors did their part to stand out amongst each other in a massive conference space.

Kudos to the many exhibitors (too numerous to name individually) that I was able to meet throughout the show.

One Final Point

If you’ve read any of my contributions in other publications (examples here and here), you’ll start to realize that performance measurement is always a critical component of the online marketers’ role.

A special shot out goes to Tim Wilson, Partner at Web Analytics Demystified whom brought everything to a close with a nice wrap up on performance measurement. I wasn’t alone in finding his presentation worthwhile (even though it was at the end a busy day)

Concluding Thoughts

All in all, it was an excellent show because of the great conversations, good ideas, and a range of perspective and insight from speakers, exhibitors, and fellow attendees.

What did we miss? I’d love to read your perspective and feedback via comments below. Wishing everyone safe travels from the conference and best wishes in business endeavors moving forward!

About Guest Author Derek Edmond

Derek Edmond is Managing Partner of KoMarketing, a B2B online marketing agency focused on search, social media, and content marketing. Derek has over 12 years experience working in SEO and online marketing working with a range of clients across industry sectors.

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